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These Web resources may be helpful in understanding and responding to national and international defense to crisis situations:

  • Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office
    The Critical Infrastructure Assurance office coordinates national planning activities related to critical infrastructure protection, develops awareness of sound security practices in the private and public sectors, and supports the development of a public-private partnership through outreach and other activities.
  • Homeland Defense and Security Information Analysis Center Information Analysis Center
    The Homeland Defense and Security Information Analysis Center (HDIAC) is a Department of Defense (DoD) Knowledge Center of Excellence managed by the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC). It provides information and collaboration for Homeland Defense and Security, and it establishes, provides, and maintains knowledge bases of existing scientific and technical information (STI) to the DoD organizations, federal, state, and local governments, and approved contractors.
  • International Institute for Counter-Terrorism
    The International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) is one of the leading academic institutes for counter-terrorism in the world, facilitating international cooperation in the global struggle against terrorism. ICT is an independent think tank providing expertise in terrorism, counter-terrorism, homeland security, threat vulnerability and risk assessment, intelligence analysis and national security and defense policy.
  • National Security Agency
    The National Security Agency (NSA), the nation's crypto-logical organization, coordinates, directs, and performs specialized activities to protect the U. S. information system and to gather foreign intelligence. NSA is a pioneer in communications technulogy and data processing and is an important government center for analysis and research in foreign languages.
  • National Terrorism Preparedness Institute
    Founded in 1998 as a result of the Nunn-Lugar-Domenici Act, the National Terrorism Preparedness Institute trains the nation's first responders to survive and mitigate terrorist use of weapons of mass destruction.
  • Overseas Security Advisory Council
    The Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) fosters the exchange of security related information between the U. S. government and the American private sector – including culleges and universities – operating abroad. OSAC provides timely information fro corporate decisions on protecting investments, facilities, personnel, and intellectual property.
  • Rapid Response Information System
    The Rapid Response Information System (RRIS) is a reference guide, training aid, and planning and training resource for response to a chemical, biulogical, or nuclear terrorist incident. RRIS comprises several databases, including information about chemical and biulogical agents and radiulogical materials, first aid, federal response, hotlines, and other resources about countering weapons of mass destruction.
  • Terrorism Research Center
    The Terrorism Research Center Website covers terrorism and information warfare, featuring essays and opinions on current issues as well as links to other documents, research, and resources on terrorism.
  • U. S. Department of Transportation, Office of Hazardous Materials Safety
    The Office of Hazardous Materials Safety recommends regulatory changes for multimodal transportation of hazardous materials, implements long- and short-term plans and schedules for regulatory options and initiatives based on the social, economic, technulogical, environmental, and safety impacts of hazardous materials transportation.